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          Group Profile

          POJU International has been committed to the high-precision machine tool industry for 25 years since its establishment. The Group is at the forefront of promoting the development of precision machining and manufacturing, from planning production solution and production automation to key components manufacturing of machine tools. The operating focus of POJU International is the production of machine tool spindles and tool magazines.

          While the progress of globalization is accelerating, POJU International is looking forward to standing out as a leader in the industry based on the applications of the technology in machine tool industry, integrating talents and resources for the future.

          Fostering the company's sustainable management philosophy, and focusing on the industry-academia cooperation and employee orientation, we builds up the internal production management system based on customer and market demands, and the products are made with efficiency and stability. Environmental protection is the basis of research and development of POJU International, and we build up a remarkable enterprise with customer’s satisfaction, employees’ satisfaction, shareholders’ satisfaction, and social recognition.

          POJU Group


          The various businesses of POJU Group have been successive established since 1993. The company has been through 20 years and merged into a group company in 2017. As a professional spindle and tool magazine manufacturer, in addition to cooperate with foreign advanced technology, POJU constantly strive for excellence and improvement; promote innovation and manufacturing ability. POJU Group also takes corporate social responsibility as one of the core concepts of sustainable management.

          Taiwan ShengYu Machinery Workshop was founded; mainly produce dedicated machine, gage, and mold.
          ShengYu Machinery was officially established.
          ShengYu Precision was established in Shanghai. Apart from dedicated machine, gage, and mold, it also sells related components of tool magazine.
          ShengYu Machinery tool magazine department was founded, and started to produce tool magazines.
          Shanghai Beiju Machinery was established, responsible for the production of tool magazines and spindles. (※ The predecessor of Kunshan Beiju and now been in charge by Kunshan Beiju for Shanghai Beiju business)
          Kunshan Beiju Machine Co., LTD. was established, responsible for the production of tool magazines and spindles.
          Kunshan ROYLI was founded, specialized in manufacturing high precision spindles
          Taiwan Hongju precision machinery was established as the R&D and manufacturing center. Established POJU Group.
          POJU Group's headquater has been found in Taiwan Invest in plant expansion Anhuai Dongju
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