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          Chen Zhongping, Secretary General of TMBA Taiwan Machine Tool and Components Industry Association, issued the "Energy Saving Label"
          Sustainable POJU|3 Products in Tool-Magazine and Spindle Categories Passed the Energy Label Certification for Machine Tool Industry
          Hongju Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Obtained the TMBA Machine Tool Industry Energy Saving Label Completed ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory Passed ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas verification Implement ESG sustainable carbon reduction actions

          POJU Business Group


          It's been more than 25 years starting from 1993, POJU is a professional tool magazine manufacturer; besides cooperate with foreign advanced for better quality and upgrade the innovation, POJU also treat social resposibility as core concept of company.


          Corporate Social Responsibility

          Corporate Social Responsibility is not only create higher business income and economic value; we also treat labor care, social feedback, and environment protection as important issue.
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